Raw Living Spirulina & Dried Spirulina

Raw and Living Foods are foods that contain enzymes. In general, the act of heating food over 116 degrees F destroys enzymes in food. The term Living gives a food an even higher distinction of life force and bio-availability. Living food must be 100% bio-available and still process the characteristics of life as a whole. Raw Living Spirulina has no smell, no taste, and contains intracellular fluids just like other fresh vegetables.

RAW: not cooked, in a natural state, not treated or prepared and not yet organized or changed in any way.

Living: exhibiting the life or motion of nature, having life and contains complete water in cells.

Most Spirulina powders are dried by being heated and sprayed at over 200 degree Fahrenheit, reducing the water content to near zero. This drying method kills the live cells and enzymes, to give the Spirulina a shelf-life.

Prolina has a different approach to drying our Spirulina, and making powder. We employ a freeze drying method that does not heat the living cells and is proven to retain the highest nutritional composition of the Spirulina.

So is fresh Spirulina or powdered best for you? The answer lies within your lifestyle and location. Fresh Spirulina retains all of the nutritional benefits, so this should be your first option, but it requires you to be near a Spirulina source, as it has a very short life once harvested. Powdered Spirulina is super convenient, as it does not need to be refrigerated and has a long shelf life, and can also be consumed in capsules form. In the end, dry powdered Spirulina is hugely beneficial and is a good alternative to fresh Spirulina, if you’re not in proximity to a fresh source.

Prolina has thought out the possible concerns when formulating Spirulina products. We use only biodegradable materials to reduce waste, and when it comes to our Spirulina Powder, we use the gentlest drying process. So be assured if you’re sticking to the Prolina brand, you’ll be making a conscious choice for your health and the environment.



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