Plant Protein vs Animal Protein

Whether you’re vegan, flexitarian or plant-based, opting for non-animal sources of protein continues to be trendy. And numerous health advocates claim that plant-based proteins may be better for your health and the environment. But why are plants better than animals when it comes to quality protein sources?

Since our bodies don’t store protein, it’s important to get enough from our nutrition each day. The main argument for plant-based protein sources is our bodies’ ability to efficiently absorb vegetative sources much more efficiently, than animal sources. While the main argument against plant-based sources of protein is their lack of certain essential amino acids, as beans, lentils, and nuts are low in methionine, tryptophan, lycine, and isoleucine.

Fortunately, there are plant protein sources that are complete and contain all 8 essential amino acids, such as Spirulina. It is a superfood that also offers an additional edge with its unique compounds called phytochemicals and high amounts of vitamins and minerals. In conclusion, we should primarily eat a wide variety of plant proteins, supplemented with superfoods to avoid amino acid deficiencies and the many other health risks associated with consuming meat, eggs, and dairy.

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